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Want to get married?

“Verify Rishte” VR Matrimonial Services is one the best matrimony institution to approach for you to find your spouse. Want to get hitched? Want some reliable source to meet your future husband/wife? Want someone whom you can trust? Contact Verify Rishte.

Why choose Verify Rishte?

We provide the best matrimonial services to our want-to-be married customers. We bring you marriage proposals from suitable boys/girls after the complete background check and detailed information about them. We would match you with a suitable candidate as per your preferences like nationality, location of residence, caste, religion, education, family background, looks, and features.

Our team cross-examines all the details, then the candidate is suggested to you as per your preference. We ensure that you meet candidate of your choice and likes. Once approved by you, we would proceed with other formalities such as meeting the candidate in person and family meets.

We are reliable!

Verify Rishte believes that marriage is an institution that lays on the foundation of trust. It is a commitment for life. Thus, we ensure to build trust among the two candidates by providing the essential and correct details. Have your preferences set? ”Verify Rishte” is your place to put check on it! Not sure about your needs? Talk to our experts and get your list ready!