Why a Women file a divorce case?

According to the statistics, women initiate divorce is up to 70% of cases. But have you ever wondered why? Let us find out some of the reasons why a woman files a divorce case?

1. They feel that their husbands are making no effort and that they are almost alone in maintaining the relationship:

For a marriage to work successfully, both members must participate. It takes willpower, attention, good communication, and effort. Many women take stock of everything they do for their families and wonder where their husbands are.

The women feel like they are carrying the weight of the couple on their shoulders. They do most of the emotional work and always have to find new things to do to keep the relationship going.

2. The same subject of argument keeps coming back:

Many of the couples have argued over the same subject for years. When their respective needs fail to be met, resentment sets in, which is fatal to a relationship.

3. Their sex life does not satisfy them:

For most couples, gender is a good barometer of the health of the marriage. When a woman complains about her sex life, there are often other issues outside the bedroom. Thus, Sexual intimacy can easily become a problem between the partners against each other in marriage.

4. They have matured faster than their partner:

Inevitably, people evolve as individuals during a romantic relationship. This only becomes a real problem when they move away and one partner is resistant to having to reconnect with the other.

After putting up with their husbands’ behavior for so long, many women find that they do not deserve to live in stress and disappointment on a daily basis.

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