Pre-Matrimonial Verification

A marriage without a proper background check is bound to failures and risks. Failure of background checks may lead to compatibility issues, selection of undesirable candidates, and not-so-familiar families. Marriage-like institutions based on weak foundations often lead to points where things can’t be undone or changed.

Verify Rishte lays a strong foundation for your successful marriage by a thorough pre-marital verification of the candidates. The verification is done by the experienced personnel and would facilitate all the necessary and demanded information by the clients.
We would provide you with the details properly and professionally. Our investigating team has experienced members that would dig in the information for love marriage cases or arrange marriage cases including the minuets of details that would be considered before getting hitched to the partner of your dreams.

Have a list already?

If you have a pre-prepared list of the information you wish to know about your partner to be, approach us and share the list with information about the candidate and your expectations from the investigation. Our investigators would come with all the required details about the candidate be it for the bride’s side or groom’s side. All the information from medical history, affairs, qualification, job/business, disability, litigation cases to sum up details from anything to everything about the candidate.

Reach us out Verify Rishte and just wait for the investigation reports. Be ready to make the right choice in selection. And have pre-marital verification conveniently and more smoothly.