Divorce Case Investigation

VR Matrimonial has expertise in the cases for divorce case verification. We have experienced personnel working with us that helps couple with separation cases irrespective of the cause of separation. We aim at solving divorce cases without much trouble and binding by the law.

Reach us out to hire our skilled matrimonial investigators who are best in the service they provide. They would provide you with thorough information for solving your divorce cases ensuring to sort out things amicably and smoothly.

Our investigators would get a solid proof in the case of extramarital affairs or case of bigamy or polygamy, or if the partner is married to someone else not following the law or has children from the second marriage. We ensure to provide you with all the details and concrete proofs to ensure the case is resolved smoothly.

We are also experts in alimony cases or infidelity cases. We could conduct a financial background check of the partner and post-marital verification. Ensuring that the client gets all the rights he/she is entitled to under the law.

Verify Rishte also solves the cases of child custody post-divorce. We gather information about the spouse and his/her capability for child custody. We would do a complete background check on the spouse including financial security, reputation in society, behaviour, litigation cases, and extramarital affairs.

This would provide our client with complete details and concrete proof which would aid in getting a divorce in a smooth and hassle-free manner. The evidence would help settle alimony cases.